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Marine Master Group is based in London and offers Crewing & Shipmanagement, Marine Services, Ship Supplies, Agency and Operations, various Surveys and Technical Services — all powered by our network of offices in West African countries.

Who we are & What we can do for you

Ship Agency in West Africa

We provide complete agency services in several West African ports: Dakar, Conakry and Abidjan. We also offer husbandry services, arrange ship supplies, and provide technical assistance and repairs.

Marine Services & Supplies

We can arrange ship store supplies for ships calling Dakar, Conakry and Abidjan: provision, bonded, deck, engine, cabin, electrical, medicines stores, marine paint, fresh water etc. We organise the delivery and customs clearance of ship spares. We supply and service life rafts, EEBD, CO2, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus., etc. And we can arrange hull cleaning and propeller polishing, and underwater repairs.

Protective Agency

We work with Owners’, Charterers’ or Cargo Owners’ appointed agents to protect the counterparty’s interests: dealing with the port authorities, immigration, customs and marine health, PSC, checking DA charges, validating SOF, ensuring that the client’s interests are taken care of and helping in dispute resolution.

Crew Change

We can handle crew changes in Dakar, Conakry and Abidjan. We can arrange visas, deal with travel and hotel arrangements, meet, greet and deliver crew to vessels or airports, arrange shore passes etc.

Dry Docking & Repairs

We can ensure that the dry-docking of your vessel is hassle-free: a dedicated superintendent will plan and oversee the jobs saving time and controlling the costs. We can also arrange a team of technical experts who will do minor and more extensive repairs on your vessel alongside, at anchorage or even during a voyage.

Bunkers & Lubeoil

We can supply bunkers and lube oil in Dakar, Conakry and Abidjan. Bunkers can only be supplied alongside. We are suppliers of lubricating oils and greases of all brands like Shell, Total, Castrol, Gulf Oil and Exon Mobil. We also have a complete range of industrial lubricants like Hydraulic Oil, Cutting Oil, Gear Oils, Rust Preventive Oil, etc.

Qualified Staff

Our staff shipping backgrounds:

  • Masters
  • Chief Engineers
  • Naval Architects
  • Marine Surveyors
  • Marine Logistics
  • Shipbrokers

We continuously improve our staff skills through professional training and seminars to allow all staff members to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the maritime field.

Our Coverage in West Africa

With our own offices in

  • Dakar
  • Conakry
  • Freetown
  • Abidjan

and close associates in

  • Lome
  • Douala

we can help our clients navigate a new chartered course in West Africa. We consistently seek opportunities ‎to develop new services and open associate and fully-owned offices in other locations where we can assist our clients.

Quality Health Safety and Environment:

We are committed to a philosophy of continual improvement throughout the ship and shoreside ‎operations

‎ • Provide safe practices for ship operation and maintenance of a safe working environment.

• Monitor all safety and pollution prevention aspects.‎

• Ensure application of adequate resources and shore-based support.‎

• Provide high-quality services to exceed expectations, and promote continuous ‎improvement in safety management and emergency preparedness.‎

• Conduct system audits and reviews.‎

• Operational risk management, with safeguards implemented against all identified ‎risks‎.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Safety and Quality
  • Professional & Technical Excellence
  • Respect for Employees, Clients, Partners, Vendors and Subcontractors
  • Professional Development

What We Do

Services we provide for our clients:

Ship & Cargo

Our comprehensive portfolio of services for Shipowners, Charterers and Cargo Owners in West Africa includes full…

ship beside dock
Chartering & Management

Our teams in London, the Middle East and West Africa help our clients with shipping their cargo, shipbroking, and chartering activities. We also provide…

Marine survey

Our professional staff in our West African offices can perform all types of marine surveys for insurance assessors and underwriters…

Industry News

The ship recycling market seems to be rudderless as we head into the end of the year, with few and far apart deals taking place. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Clarkson Platou Hellas said that “as we enter the season of Advent, it is encouraging to see the arrival of an improved sentiment from India where the domestic steel prices have rebounded this week. This in turn, has brought slightly stronger price indications from this destination with India now offering a better showing than their counterparts in Bangladesh and Pakistan. What many cannot predict, due to the recent volatility,…
Shipping’s path towards the digital era is well underway, with container ships at the forefront of this process. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “shipping, although a conservative and innovation adverse industry, is currently in a transition period of digital transformation. According to a survey conducted by Wärtsilä Marine Business, two-thirds of shipping companies have started on their digital journey, as 69% of them are currently exploring digital solutions. Liner shipping companies are the frontrunners in the pathway to the digital era, in a process of optimizing cargo handling, maritime procurement and logistics, and port operations, with…
The latest round of sanctions on Russian oil is bound to offer yet more support to the product tanker market. So far, Russia’s major clients, like the EU, have reduced their imports of crude oil considerably, but this hasn’t happened to the clean market, at least not in the same pace. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Gibson said that “the EU ban on imports of Russian crude is set to come into effect. Still, huge uncertainty remains about the impact of sanctions and the price cap itself. The cap is designed to give additional bargaining power to buyers in…
The global iron ore seaborne trade has been on the decline so far this year. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Banchero Costa said that “so far in 2022, iron ore trade softened again, primarily due to weaker demand from China and supply issues in Brazil. In January-October 2022, global iron ore loadings declined by -2.6% y-o-y to 1,254.5 mln tonnes, from 1,287.7 mln t in the same period of 2021, according to vessels tracking data from Refinitiv. Volumes were essentially at par with the 1,254.6 mln tonnes shipped in the same period of 2019”. Source: Banchero Costa The shipbroker…



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